Nihon Kankei Kaigai Shiryo (Historical Documents in Foreign Languages Relating to Japan)

The records of Europeans in Japan during the sixteenth and seventeenth century have proven a particular rich source of historical information. The Nihon Kankei Kaigai Shiryo series include three selections of such records, published in the original languages as well as in Japanese. They are diaries of the English Factory in Japan (1615-1622), diaries of the Dutch Factory (1633-1651), and Jesuit letters (1547-1561).

Diaries kept by the Head of the English Factory in Japan

The diary of Richard Cocks, the head of the English factory in Hirado, has been published in three volumes. The diary covers the period from 1615 to 1622. The transcription of Cocks's diary has been published under an arrangement between the Historiographical Institute and the British Library. The details of the volumes are as follows:

Original Texts Version

Japanese Translation Version

Diaries kept by the Heads of the Dutch Factory in Japan

A series of the original Dutch texts of the diaries kept in the Deshima factory of the Dutch East India Company is being published with English introduction and annotations. Each volume normally consists of a diary of one year and, as appendices, letters exchanged between the factory in Japan and the headquarters in Batavia and other related documents. A Japanese translation of the original text accompanies each volume. At this point the diaries from 1633 to 1651 have been published.

This project is realized under an arrangement between the Dutch National Archives (Nationaal Archief) and the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo.

These series are currently edited by Daito Norifumi (Ph. D.),Matsui Yoko and Matsukata Fuyuko (Ph.D.).

Original Texts Version

Japanese Translation Version

Jesuit Letters Concerning Japan

Transcriptions of Jesuit letters with Japanese translations.

This series consists of the text of European reports and letters regarding Japan, most of them written by Jesuits from 1547 to 1579, together with Japanese translations. They have been arranged chronologically. Beginning with volume 4, the texts and translation will be published in the same volume.
The basic texts in volumes 1 and 2 are letters taken from mainly Cartas que os padres e irmaos da Companhia de Jesus escreverao dos reynos de Japao & China aos da mesma Companhia da India & Europa, des do anno de 1549 ate o de 1580, primeiro tomo, published in Evora in 1598. With the intention of restoring the original text as completely as possible, the editors have filled in omissions or lacunae in the Evora edition by reference to other extant manuscripts. Starting with volume 3, we have relied on manuscripts conserved in European archives.

These series are currently edited by Oka Mihoko (Ph.D.) and Okamoto Makoto (Ph.D.).

Original Texts Version

Japanese Translation Version

Original Texts and Japanese Translation Version