Historiographical Institute Library, The University of Tokyo

In Historiographical Institute (HI) Library's Reading Room, users can access our historical materials collections and books and journals related to Japanese pre-modern history.
The library is open to university members and the general public as well.

Most of our collections are located in the closed stacks accessible to staff only. Users can request items via reservation form in advance.
Reference books and some duplications of manuscripts are on the open shelves in the Reading Room.
All materials are for use within the library's reading room.

The library's reading room has some seats and space for valuable materials. There are also user terminals for searching library materials and viewing digitalized historical materials, a microfilm reader, and a copying machine (available for published materials only).


Our collections can be divided into two main categories: historical materials and published materials (books and journals).
Please note that the search methods and procedure for copying are different.
All materials are classified by our original classification.

Historical Materials

The library holds original historical documents and duplications of historical materials (manuscripts, photo reproductions, etc.).
Some historical materials are designated as National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.
For an overview of our collection, please see the "Collection" page.
Historical materials can be found in the Historiographical Institute's database Hi-CAT.

Published Materials

The library also holds published books and periodical journals related to pre-modern Japanese history. Some books are treated as valuable materials (special collection).
Published materials can be found in UTokyo OPAC.

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