Permission to publish or broadcast

Using image of our collection for books, journals, videos, etc.

1. Click on the image below to see the diagram of "Flow of Publishing and Broadcasting Procedures" (PDF, 3 pages).

Flow of Publishing and Broadcasting Procedures

2. After reading the diagram above, if the historical material you wish to use is one that requires inquiry, please use the Request Form.

3. We will respond to your request by email to inform you whether your request is approved, and the necessary procedures.


Please note that we will not be able to respond to any urgent request.

Conditions of use and necessary procedures differ depending on the individual materials.
In order to respect the position and rights of the copyright holder and the original owner, some historical materials have restrictions such as obtaining the written consent of the original owner.
When responding to your inquiry, we will inform you of historical materials that require written consent.

We do not lend images or historical materials.
If you need images of our collections that are not available in the database, please apply for duplication by a designated supplier. (For more information, please refer to the "Duplication" section below.) Please be aware that it will take 2-3 weeks for the reproductions to arrive.


As for copies of historical materials, books, and journals, the conditions differ depending on the individual materials and books. In addition, reproduction is not possible except by the methods we specify.
Some historical materials require you to obtain written consent from the original owner in advance.

On this page, we will explain how to order copies of historical materials.
If you have any questions about duplication, please contact us from the "Request Form" or "Inquiry Form" on this page.

How to apply for duplication

1. Please contact us from "Request Form".

Request Form

2. We will respond you by email with the following instructions:

  • Whether you need to obtain written consent from original owner in advance or not
  • Duplication method (whether you need to order photography or not, printed on paper or digital data, and color or monochrome) and approximate cost
  • How to fill in the application file
  • URL for submitting the online application file

3. Please upload the application file.

4. After the approval is completed, we will send you an application approval answer by email. The designated supplier will perform duplication work and shipping.

Application Form for Duplication

Before filling in, please read the response from us. For details, please see "How to apply for duplication" section above.

How to fill out the Application Form for Duplication (pdf)

Application Form for Duplication (pdf, 3 pages)