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Guidelines as to the use of the Database

Catalogue database of holding materials

This database allows you to search materials and books held by the Historiographical Institute. You can search original resources, manuscript copies, photographs, microfilms, photographed books, printed books and other materials. For some materials, images are attached.

Guidelines as to the use of the Database

This page allows researchers working both inside and outside the Historiographical Institute to search multiple databases. These databases, which were first constructed in 1984, are a product of ongoing co-operation between researchers attached to the Historiographical Institute, archivists, publishers, computer engineers and many others. In order to allow the continued functioning of the databases, please note the following guidelines:

  • The database is only to be used for scholarly research
  • Do not modify or redistribute search results without notifying the Historiographical Institute
  • If used in essays and other publications the database should be properly cited
  • As the database requires continuous maintenance, you may experience unexpected changes or restrictions

In some parts of the database, you may find materials stored outside the Historiographical Institute. In viewing or using these materials, please observe the regulations prescribed by the institution that holds them.


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