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Old Documents and Diaries Department

This department specializes in specific historical documents, records, and diaries, compiling and publishing in whole. Documents are published in the Dai Nihon Komonjo series, and diaries are published in the Dai Nihon Kokiroku series. The task includes extensive cross-referencing to verify the reliability of different versions.

STAFF HAYASHI Yuzuru, Professor
(Also Special Materials)

KURUSHIMA Noriko, Professor

ONOE Yosuke, Professor
(Also Ancient Materials)

TAKAHASHI Shin'ichiro, Professor

TAKAHASHI Toshiko, Professor

TAJIMA Isao, Professor

ENDO Motoo, Associate Professor

KIKUCHI Hiroki, Associate Professor

ENDO Tamaki, Assistant Professor

INOUE Satoshi, Assistant Professor

KOSE Genshi, Assistant Professor

Archives of Toji temple contained in one-hundred boxes
Toji Hyakugo Monjo (From the Toji Hyakugo Archives website)