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Ancient Materials Department

Beginning with the Kenmu Restoration in 1333 through the establishment of the Tokugawa bakufu in 1603, this department is responsible for the materials. The Sources during these centuries are published in Part VI-XI of the Dai Nihon Shiryo series.

STAFFEBARA Masaharu, Professor

KAMOGAEWA Tatsuo, Professor

HONGO Keiko, Professor

KANEKO Hiraku, Associate Professor

KAWAMOTO Shinji, Assistant Professor
(Also Center for the Study of Visual Sources)

KUROSHIMA Satoru, Associate Professor
(Also Center for the Study of Visual Sources)

SUEGARA Yutaka, Associate Professor

MAEGAWA Yuichiro, Associate Professor

WATANABE Masao, Associate Professor

HATAYAMA Shuhei, Assistant Professor

MURAI Yuki, Assistant Professor

NISHITA Tomohiro, Assistant Professor

SUDA Makiko, Assistant Professor

The Diary of Tokudaiji Kinkiyo