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Early Modern Materials Department

A wide range of document collections are handled by this department with work divided among three groups. The first group is responsible for preparing Part XII of the Dai Nihon Shiryo series, which includes early Edo period events in chronological order. The second group handles political and cultural records for the entire early modern period, publishing them as the Dai Nihon Kinsei Shiryo series and as the selections in the Dai Nihon Kokiroku. The third group focuses on the end of the Edo-period and the Meiji Restoration. It is responsible for producing the Dai Nihon Ishin Shiryo and a selection of the Dai Nihon Komonjo.

STAFF HOYA Toru, Professor

KOMIYA Kiyora, Professor

SATO Takayuki, Professor

SUGIMOTO Fumiko, Professor

TSURUTA Kei, Professor
(Joint appintment to the H.I. and the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School)

YAMAMOTO Hirofumi, Professor

YOKOYAMA Yoshinori, Professor

HAKOISHI Hiroshi, Associate Professor

MATSUZAWA Yoshiyuki, Associate Professor

OIKAWA Wataru, Associate Professor

ONO Sho, Associate Professor

SUGIMORI Reiko, Associate Professor

YAMAGUCHI Kazuo, Associate Professor

ARAKI Hiroyuki, Assistant Professor

HAYASHI Akihiro, Assistant Professor

ISHIZU Hiroyuki, Assistant Professor

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