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Ancient Materials Department

The Ancient Materials Department handles historical sources from earliest times to the first third of the fourteenth century. This department compiles and publishes these sources chronologically in Part I-V of the Dai Nihon Shiryo series. In addition, the department investigatesthe oldest archive, which is extant in Japan, the Shosoin Documents, and publishes its inventoryin the Shosoin Monjo Mokuroku.

STAFF HONGO Kazuto, Professor

ONOE Yosuke, Professor

TAJIMA Isao, Professor
(Also Old Documents and Diaries Department)

YAMAGUCHI Hideo, Professor

BANSE Akemi, Associate Professor

FUJIWARA Shigeo, Associate Professor

HORIKAWA Yasufumi, Assistant Professor

INADA Natsuko, Assistant Professor

KUROSU Yurie, Assistant Professor

The "Nizutsumi " Document Collection held at the Shosoin Repository

A preliminary examination of 8th century documents from the Todaiji temple later reused as wrappers for small quantities of red pigment