This volume contains the diary kept by Maximiliaen le Maire during his eight and a half month term of office.  The diary also includes a daily account of factory affairs kept by Jan van Elserack, an oppercoopman, during le Maire’s absence in Edo from March 17 to June 8.
Le Maire’s predecessor, Francois Caron, was ordered to destroy the newly constructed storehouses in Hirado and to have a new chief factor appointed every year.  The diary begins with Caron’s departure from Japan.
Le Maire stayed in Edo from April 11 to May 19.  The expected audience with the shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu, did not occur but he did meet with other high-ranking officials.  Le Maire was ordered to move the factory from Hirado to Nagasaki, which would become the single port of entry for the Dutch. In addition, the Dutch were given permission to attack any Portuguese and Spanish vessels bound for Japan. (pp. 42-3)
Le Maire returned to Hirado on June 8 and on the following day he journeyed to Nagasaki to discuss verhuizing (house changing).  He inspected the man-made island of Tsukishima or Deshima, where he found seven houses and eight storehouses, all vacant.
The move to Deshima started on June 12.  The first Dutch ships, Roch and the Orangienboom, entered Nagasaki on July 21. (pp. 103-104)
On August 11 Le Maire was instructed to maintain the pancado system in connection with the sale of imported silk as the Portuguese had done.  He was also ordered to dismiss most of the Japanese clerks from the factory and not to blow trumpets in and around Nagasaki. (pp. 137-38)
Le Maire ended his term of office on October 31.
Texts for Transcription
The original manuscripts for this transcription are preserved at the Nationaal Archief.  They are found in both the Archief Nederlandse Factorij Japan (NFJ) and the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie Archief (VOC).   Previously they were all classified under one section, the Koloniaal Archief (KA). The basic text for this transcription is:
Vervolg van 't Dachregister des comptoirs Firando ende  Nangasaque zedert 14 Februarij passado tot ult. October 1641.
NFJ 55 (KA 11686)
A microfilm copy of the manuscript is also available in the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo  (6998-1-3-11, 7598-1-14)
Two documents are appended for the sake of reference. These are instructions for le Maire and a letter from the Governor-General to le Maire.
A comprehensive index is provided for this volume.  
14 February 1641 - 31 October 1641 (Volume Five)