This volume begins with the entry of October 29, 1642 when the chief factor Pieter Antonisz. Overwater took office at Deshima and ends when his successor, Jan van Elserack left for Edo.
Visit to the Court
On November 19, Overtwater left Nagasaki for Edo, arriving on December 24 (pp. 9-16).  In Edo, Overtwater was required to explain events in Europe and to account for the Dutch-Portuguese armistice. (pp. 20-28) He eventually returned to Nagasaki on February 27.
The diary includes a number of references related to the persecution of Christians in Japan.  The martyrdom of the Jesuit Antonio Rubino and eight missionaries, as well as the arrest of three Jesuits together with their Chinese and Japanese followers are among the references.
Van Elserack assumed office on August 1, 1643.  Overtwater remained to assist him until November 10.  While in Nagasaki, Elserack met with Yamazaki Masanobu, one of two appointed governors of Nagasaki.  They discussed Dutch-Chinese relations in Taiwan, with reference to an appeal made by some Chinese for the governor to halt Dutch attacks on their shipping.
On September 10, the first news of the Breskens affair reached Nagasaki. This incident is explained in later volumes of the diary.  Elserack pleaded for the release of his countrymen.
Texts for Transcription
The original manuscripts for this transcription are preserved at the Nationaal Archief.  They are found in both the Archief Nederlandse Factorij Japan (NFJ) and the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie Archief (VOC).   Previously they were all classified under one section, the Koloniaal Archief (KA). The basic text for this transcription is:
Daghregister des Comptoirs Nangazackij van de jaaren 1642/43 en 1644
NFJ 47 (KA 11687)
A microfilm copy of the manuscript is also available in the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo  (6998-1-4-1, 7598-2-2/3)
The above text has been fully collated by the editors with other manuscript copies in the  Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren uit Indie series, namely VOC 1143 (KA 1051 bis) and VOC 1145 (KA 1053).
Eight documents are appended for the sake of reference. They include extracts from Bataviaas Uitgaande Briefboek, 1643, a letter sent from Japanese officials to the Governor-General and an account book kept from November 1, 1642 to November 10, 1643.
A comprehensive index is provided for this volume.
29 October 1642 - 8 November 1643 (Volume Seven)