This volume contains the second part of the diary kept by Nicolaes Couckebacker and covers the period from January 1, 1636 to August 8, 1637.  At the beginning of 1636 Hendrijck Hagenaar, an envoy from the factory, was in Edo to thank the bakufu for reopening trade in the previous year.
In August 1636, the factory received word of Nuijts’ release and the relaxation of some embarkation restrictions.   In March 1637, a foundation stone for a new warehouse was laid in Hirado. 
Texts for Transcription
The original manuscripts for this transcription are preserved at the Nationaal Archief.  They are found in both the Archief Nederlandse Factorij Japan (NFJ) and the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie Archief (VOC).   Previously they were all classified under one section, the Koloniaal Archief (KA). The basic text for this transcription is:
Daghregister gehouden in Japan ‘t Comptoir Firando Bij den E. Resident Couckebacker begint den 6 Sept. 1633 en eijndight 3 Febr. 1639
NFJ 53 (KA 11686)
A microfilm copy of the manuscript is also available in the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo  (6998-1-32, 7598-1-5~8)
The above text has been fully collated by the editors with other manuscript copies, namely VOC 1120 (KA 1032) and VOC 1124 (KA 1035).
Hagenaar’s diary, kept during his stay in Edo, is appended for the sake of reference.
An index for this volume can be found in Volume 3.
1 January 1636 - 7 August 1637 (Volume Two)