Since 1954, the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo has engaged in  the collection of unpublished documents concerning Japan kept in overseas libraries  and archives.  Further details of our activities can be viewed here.
Catalogs and Inventories
A 15-volume catalog titled Historical Documents relating to Japan in  Foreign Countries: An Inventory of Microfilm Acquisitions in the Library of the  Historiographical Institute, the University of Tokyo has been published between 1963 and 1988.  Materials for this catalog were collected between 1954 and 1969.  The table of contents of this catalog is available. The catalog can also be consulted online
Inventories of our recent acquisitions are available here:
United Kingdom (link under construction)
Portugal (link under construction)
Collection of materials has continued since the completion of these inventories. For details of our latest acquisitions please consult our online database.
For each year of the diary the original Dutch text with annotations will be published  along with a Japanese translation.  At this point the first 10 volumes, covering the  period from 1633 to 1647 have been published.   
The diary of Richard Cocks, the head of the English factory in Hirado, has been  published in three volumes. The diary covers the period from 1615 to 1622.
Transcriptions of Jesuit letters with Japanese translations.
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