The Historiographical Institute is engaged in an ongoing project to publish the diaries kept by the chief factors of the Dutch factory in Japan.  For each year  the original Dutch text with annotations along with a Japanese text will be published. At this point the first 10 volumes covering the period from 1633 to 1647 have been published.
This project is realized under an arrangement between the Dutch National Archives (Nationaal Archief) and the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo.
The diaries are currently edited by Professor Matsui and Professor Matsukata.
Purchasing Information
The diaries are published by the University of Tokyo Press.  To purchase please use www.amazon.co.jp or www.bookservice.co.jp.  The details of each volume are as follows:
Volume 1, published 1974, 4000 yen
Volume 2, published 1974, 4000 yen
Volume 3, published 1977, 4000 yen
Volume 4, published 1981, 6000 yen
Volume 5, published 1984, 5200 yen
Volume 6, published 1986, 4800 yen
Volume 7, published 1989, 7200 yen
Volume 8, published 1993, 7800 yen
Volume 9, published 1999, 6600 yen (ISBN 4-13-092709-4 C3321)
Volume 10, published 2003, 6900 yen (ISBN 4-13-092710-8 C3321)
The above volumes are all transcriptions of the  original texts.
English summaries of the diaries of 1641-1660 and 1680-1800 have been published under the title The Deshima Dagregisters by the University of Leiden.
Revised versions of the English summaries have been published by the Japan-Netherlands Institute as the The Deshima Diaries: Marginalia.