Since the publication of  Historical Documents relating to Japan in  Foreign Countries, the Historiographical Institute has acquired further microfilm copies. Inventories of the following documents are available here.
Kopie Resolutien van Gouverneur-Generaal en Raden (Resolutions of the Governor-General and his Council)
These resolutions were passed by the Governor-General of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in Batavia, and cover all the factories and territories under the VOC’s control.  Resolutions are divided into General Resolutions (1613-1627, 1637-1793) and Secret Resolutions (1660-1791).  A catalogue of the resolutions has previously been published as Realia, Register op de Generale Resolutien van het Kasteel Batavia, 1632-1805 (1882-1886)
Originaal Generale Missiven uit Batavia (General Reports from Batavia)
These reports, as the name suggests, provide a general overview of the VOC’s activities in Asia.  The reports were addressed to the  directors of the VOC (Heren XVII) The reports are one part of the larger series of Correspondence from the Indies (Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren uit Indie).  Matters related to Japan can be found under the same subject heading within the reports.  In addition to previous acquisitions of seventeenth century reports, the Historiographical Institute has acquired the eighteenth century reports.
Scheeps Soldijboeken (Ships Allowance Books)
The Historiographical Institute has collected allowance books of ships sent to Japan. However due to problems with records, this series does not include the allowance books of every ship dispatched to Japan.
Batavia’s Uitgaand Briefboek (Batavia’s Outgoing Letter book)
This series consists of annual copybooks of correspondence and instructions sent out from the Governor-General and his council in Batavia to subordinates throughout Asia.  The  National Archives in The Hague preserves a complete series from 1621 to 1792 (VOC 849-1052), which the Historiographical Institute has copied.
For details of the documents above and other parts of our collection please consult our online database. At this time the database is only available in Japanese but for brief instructions in English please see the following page.